560 EVK

Highly integrated SOC motherboard, the main chip uses ARM cortex A9 core, plug-in DDR and EMMC. DDR uses 4Gbit (256MX16) 1866Mbps DDR3 SDRAM;
EMMC uses 8GB NAND flash. On-board integrated wireless WIFI module, supports 2.4Ghz wireless connection, has 13 channels of bandwidth, built-in wireless network protocol IEEE802.11b.g.n protocol stack.
RX part:
Supports one USB 2.0 input, USB supports high-speed, full-speed and low-speed devices; supports one micro HDMI 1.4a input, HDMI supports HDCP 1.4 & 2.2.
TX part:
Support one LVDS signal output, the highest resolution supports 1920X1080 @ 60Hz, supports single pixel / dual pixel output, supports 10-bit signal format, and supports OSD function
Design specification
1) Using FR4 four-layer glass fiber material, its size is 125 * 35 * 1.6mm3, above TG140, the thickness of the electrical layer is 1OZ, and the surface treatment is carried out by the immersion gold process;
2) The HDMI high-speed wiring performs differential 100 ohm ± 10% control, which is implemented according to HDMI design requirements.
3) The LVDS screen output interface is controlled according to VX1 100Ω ± 10%, which meets the high-speed signal requirements.
4) The PCB material and materials used comply with RoHS requirements.
5) The definition of VBO TX interface is theoretically compatible with the screen design of the LVDS interface according to the different design of the transfer board.
6) LVDS TX socket interface adopts double-row pin 1.25 pitch design.


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560 EVK



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