666 EVK

Highly integrated SOC motherboard, the main chip NT72666 adopts ARM cortex A9 core, plug-in DDR and EMMC, can expand TF card.
1) RX part:
 Support three USB 2.0 inputs, and one WIFI module communication.
2) TX part:
Support LVDS signal output, support single pixel / dual pixel output, support OSD function, the highest resolution supports 1920 * 1080 @ 60Hz;
Support 8lane VBO output, support the highest resolution, support 3860 * 2160 @ 60Hz, support OSD function.
Using FR4 four-layer glass fiber material, its size is 133 * 46 * 1.6mm3, TG140 or more, the thickness of the electrical layer is 1OZ, and the surface treatment is carried out by immersion gold process;
The LVDS screen output interface is controlled by 100 ohms ± 10%, which meets the high-speed signal requirements.
The V-By-one screen output interface is controlled according to VX1 100Ω ± 10%, which meets the high-speed signal requirements.
The PCB material and the materials used comply with RoHS requirements.
The definition of VBO TX interface is theoretically compatible with the screen design of the VBO interface according to the different design of the transfer board.
The LVDS TX socket interface is designed according to the BOE DV210FBM-N00 screen.


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666 EVK



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